Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Life Updates.....

This post was started a few days ago, so figured it better finish it.... when I say started it had bullet points about what I wanted to talk about :). 

Went to my surgeon/specialist last Tuesday, and he has given me the all clear to start nails, gym etc.... I had been doing the odd set of nails the last couple of weeks to see how it went, so I could tell him how it was going. I will still continue hand therapy, and now it is just a matter of strengthening the hand and try and get more movement in the wrist and fingers. It feels weird that I should no longer have any more pain, once I have more strength etc... be the first time in 8 years wow. 

So I am officially opening up the books again from tomorrow, I am also now a member of the 'PNTA' (Professional Nail Technicians Association), if you are a nail tech in NZ, check them out. I am kinda excited, but nervous, it has been 12 months since I had the initial rupture, and have not taken on any new clients since then.

I dont need to go back and see him, unless something happens, but he is pretty sure nothing will.... now I will focus on getting off the pain meds, as I shouldn't need them, we managed to keep all the nerve pain at bay so another positive - this will take some time, but hopefully by mid year 2020 I should be pain med free.

The gym, I am going to start back tomorrow all going to plan, I placed my membership on hold and now have paid up to till April 26th 2020, I have asked for a physio to set me up a programme, but in the meantime while that gets approved (hopefully) from ACC, I will go and do some treadmill and maybe some lighter weights.

4 days later from when I started this actual post (not the bullet points) - whoops. So am going to post this now before another day happens.... have not been to the gym yet, will be starting tomorrow. 

Anyway talk soon :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

A little update....

What I am and am not going to do.....

I am not going to make food my main focus like I did last time, I am also not going to weigh daily.... 

Thats what I am not going to do, so what am I going to do....

I am just going to focus on making better choices, I have weighed in, but like food am not going to make the scales a main focus as well.... I will check them maybe fortnightly or even longer. I am focusing on cutting out sugar for now and going back to lower carb again....

How am I going to do this this time.....

The last couple of days I have been keeping myself busy, I am decluttering the house and throwing out a ton of stuff that is rubbish, donating a ton of stuff and selling some stuff that is worth selling. My hand therapist has said I can go back to the gym, and do the treadmill and bike, but I have to wear a splint, and am not allowed to grip to hard, and I have to promise I wont fall over lol. I am hoping to start next week, I am a little scared and hope I dont do any damage. 

I have been spending a lot of time practicing doing nails, and rearranging again, I started on the spare room yesterday decluttering and now its such a mess I dont know where to carry on, so today I have closed the door and started doing the cupboard in the nail room, which is full of empty boxes and shit that doesn't have another place to go and probably should have been thrown out in the first place and not kept for the one day I might need this box or whatever lol. being busy is keeping me from not eating, I am starting to feel a bit better now the crap food is slowly going out of my body. 

Anyway thats it for now, I will not be talking about food or weight much here for now, when I get to a goal and want to share I will....

Also hope all those in NSW and Queensland, are doing ok over there, been watching the fires on the news, and can not even comprehend how big they are and the damage they must be causing.

Take care and stay safe - talk soon 

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Time again.......

I lost my way - after my visit to the surgeon back in October, I got told no work till mid December, to be reviewed at next appointment, which is now in just over two weeks time. This took me down a downward spiral, I was really hoping I could have started doing the odd set of nails, some good things have happened, like not having to wear the splint anymore in the daytime, and I am able to do light to moderate activity with that hand. I still have minimal movement and that will take up to 12 months recovery to see how good it will get. It has been 16 weeks since surgery on Tuesday - WTF - I should have been fully recovered if it had been straight forward at 12 weeks, basically they did reconstruction surgery of the tendons in my wrist. 

I have asked my hand therapist if I can start back at the gym just doing the treadmill and bike, I am honestly losing my insanity doing nothing, hopefully I will hear back from her tomorrow or Tuesday, she will probably say I need to ask the surgeon in two weeks. At my last surgeon appointment, he told me he always gets nervous when I come for my check up, cause the surgery was so touch and go with the tendons. I do still have major issues with the middle and ring finger, but am hoping that will strengthen over time. He said once he hits six months, he will start to relax lol - It is the worst muck up of tendons he has ever seen, and feels it is prob one of the worst in the world... (He is a hand specialist/surgeon). And these last couple of years these so called doctors kept saying the pain was in my head, and I couldn't possibly be feeling the screws - these bloody doctors still make me so angry the way they treated me, and told me the pain was bullshit. As you can tell I am still on a downer about it all..... yes I know there are people out there worse than me, but this my story and I am allowed to be pissed. 

The last couple of weeks I have been doing some stuff in the nail room, re-swatching stuff etc....

Not a lot else has been happening, still only doing minimal driving, I need to snap out of this funk somehow, but have no flippin idea how right now. This next coming week, I am going to try and focus on one positive thing each day.....

Am not sure when I will post next, maybe tomorrow or  maybe not.....

Oh and weigh in and food - yeah I know you all want to know, well lest just say I have not followed any plan or have I weighed.... tomorrow I am going to aim to get back on track. 

Friday, 11 October 2019

Day 45 & 47


And we are on the downward spiral again, down 300 grams from yesterday, need to lose about 1.5 Kilos to get back down to my lowest this time round.....

I am sick - thanks to my daughter who generously passed the bug onto me, while she was down last weekend :(. 

Our first day we have hot the 20's, well just at 21 degree's and I am sick and cold..... suppose to be a bit warmer all week, about bloody time - we are 6 weeks into Spring and the first time we have hit 20 degrees.

Another couple of days have passed by, not much to report still sick.....

Its pissing down with rain, it is going to be a PJ day, and a sleep day I think, hopefully this will knock it in the butt....

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Day 44....


God knows where the other days have gone, not a lot changed except I ate what I shouldn't have and 2 gains in a row... but day 2 back on track. I am not going to lie, though I have had 2 huge gains, I know if I wasn't weighing daily and just ignoring the scales I would be a lot worse. 

About to head out the door for my mammogram, we get free 2 yearly mammograms over the age of 45 - mammogram done :)

Not a lot has happened in the last week, my hand therapist appointment last week went well, we can start taking the splint of in the daytime now, around the home and start doing some light activities, so we have turned a small corner. I see the surgeon on Tuesday, it has been 11 weeks today since surgery. I am hoping he might say we can take the splint of full-time, except I will still need to wear it for another 4 - 6 weeks at night time, but the hand therapist will make me a night splint, so I wont need to wear the extension bit, that is a pain and keeps falling off.  I have gained 10% on average more movement in the wrist and hand, so little by little I am getting there. 

Steph came down on the weekend, and went home yesterday, she took her bunny home, though he was kinda cute, I am not going to miss the malting and the daily cleaning lol. He is an indoor rabbit, and loved running around the lounge etc.... 

I have been loving pottering around in the nail room, changing things around a bit, cant wait to change the lounge around, but that will have to wait till I get clearance from the surgeon to move heavy stuff. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am getting so frustrated that I can't do more yet......

Anyway thats it for now, let's hope we start losing again.... life is full of ups and downs :). 

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Day 34, 35, 36..... and 37

DAY 34, 35 & 36

Day 34 - Down 50 grams
Day 35 - Up 400 grams
Day 36 - Up 600 grams

I didn't realise it had been three days since I posted, whoops - food has been a disaster, I so wish I was one of those people that didn't stress eat. You name it, I ate it.... but a new week begins, and I am really going to try and get back on track properly - anyway enough of that, it is in the past, got to focus on the now. 

The kids arrived home from Fiji, from what I have had heard, they had a fantastic time, can't believe they are now 24 years old. It was their birthday on Saturday just gone, this time 24 years ago, I was in hospital and they were in SCBU. 

My Quest bars are due to arrive today, and my car speaker thingee as well, they are  out with the courier as I type this up. It is pissing down with rain and cold outside..... I hate this weather, I want sun and warmth.

Well the Quest Bars, well the one I tried the Smores flavour, was ummmmm - lets just say was like any other protein bar..... will try the others and see, but I ended up with massive stomach cramps like I felt when I ate food with Almond Flour. God knows why everyone raves about that brand lol. 

DAY 37:

Down 200 grams, let's hope they stay down for the week.

Daylight saving is here, but still the weather is bloody crappy - cold and wet, yip one day I will stop complaining about the weather.

Oh got my Jabra Speakerphone, it works really good so far. I am glad I got the better one. 

Anyway thats it for now... catch you all soon. :)