Monday, 20 May 2019

And a new week begins....

3 weeks today and I have the surgeon appointment, it cant come soon enough, yes this wont be the last time I mention it either lol.

Today David and I are also starting to eat lower carb again, not keto or lazy keto, but lower carb. It will prob mean 2 meals a day, usually dont have breakfast. I suppose basically you could say we are avoiding processed carbs, grains, starchy Vegetables and fruit. 

I have been asked if I would consider weight-loss surgery, yes I have considered it but for now it is just to expensive to warrant that, I know I can do this, yes I gain it back when things go belly up, but for me that is more psychological than anything and I prob need to see a psychologist to find out why I eat the way I do. Also a lot of people who have weight-loss surgery also gain back a significant amount of weight as well. I have been following on Youtube some amazing people that have lost weight without weight-loss surgery, and am hoping I get and stay motivated by them. I am also going to be doing monthly weigh-ins, not weekly. 

Am going to make 'Cheese Muffins', for Davids lunch tomorrow and for dinner we are having bun-less burgers 🍔. Am not sure how I will cope with one arm later on but will worry about that then, at the moment I just remove the splint, if I need two hands, (yeah I know I am not suppose to but....).

I am glad I kept my folder of the low carb recipes.... it has all the basics in there :)

Rusty is so funny, he loves to watch TV  waiting for animals to come on, here is a short video of him - 🐕 

Its another gorgeous day here again, 16 degrees and nice and sunny. Tomorrow I am hoping to get out for a walk :).

Anyway thats it from me, catch you all soon. 

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Making the most of....


Making the most of this lovely day, it is sunny and just gorgeous outside.... even have the door open as we have no rain, though tomorrow morning it is going to be one degrees, and a high of thirteen degrees, but it makes it a beautiful day though a bit chilly :). 

I love being out on the deck in the sun, looking out the back, so much privacy, we had a lot more privacy till the new neighbours moved in and cut all the trees back on their side. Its not to bad but we had complete privacy all round before. They have to look out the actual window to see us but it was a lot nicer when the trees were there.  Oh well this is not our forever house, it is a stepping stone till the forever home :).

3 weeks on Monday till I see the surgeon, I am not loving the splint, but am trying to keep it on 24/7 bar showering. The pain has not really reduced, but that could be cause I am not wearing it quite as much as I should..... so am going to try and keep it on all day and weekend. I am so hoping surgery will be in July at the latest.


Whoops forgot to end the blog  yesterday, just said goodbye to Steph she is moving just over 3 hours away, and it fucking sucks. I am going to miss her so much, I hate the place I live in now and now I dont have any family here - makes it even worse. 

So thats it for now, I am a blubbering mess, I know it will be good for her, but it doesn't male it any easier. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Bugger Blast.....


Am in a permanent splint for now, and mainly the thumb...... and am not allowed to use it for lifting or anything, no shopping bags, no heavy pots ect, basically anything over a couple hundred grams I am not allowed to use that hand for. If I get any more ruptures, it will be put in a sling, or surgery may be brought forward. 

So that means no gym, so have put my membership on hold for 2 -3 months, no swimming either.

I did my first set of nails in the splint today, cant say it was easy...... I have been told if it is too painful I might need to stop nails sooner rather than later.

Man this morning was cold, only 4 degrees here and shit I noticed it, in fact it was a cold night as well.  


Whoops never got yesterdays post finished.... I have booked my haircut in for next week Thursday, I need it, I was holding off to as close to surgery as possible, but I cant handle it anymore, short and blonde again :).

I am feeling a bit lost at the moment..... 

Anyway thats it for now......

Monday, 13 May 2019

Day Whatever lol....


Yip have forgotten what day it is WW wise, weigh in on Friday and gained 200 grams......

Well where do I begin, got my CT Scan results in and it is worse than what we thought - they have said an urgent appointment with the specialist, or hospital.
I have a hand therapist tomorrow, to get another splint made, I have worn out the ones I had. I have my initial appointment with the hand surgeon on June 10th :). 

Anyway this is the conclusion from the CT Scan....


Multiple screws from distal radius volar plate protruding beyond dorsal

cortex, impinging on multiple extensor compartments. 

Thickened, poorly defined extensor digitorum communis to the middle finger.

Ultrasound may be more helpful to assess for continuity.

I will try and explain it as well as I can.... hopefully I have got it right, I am seeing the hand therapist tomorrow, so she might explain it to me a bit better to understand and then I can tell you :).

Basically we only thought there was 1 screw protruding beyond the dorsal cortex, the dorsal cortex basically protects the tendons, but there are many screws protruding, this puts all the tendons at risk, the multiple extensor compartments, are the top side of the hand, where all the tendons are, they have 7 compartments I believe. Where my middle finger is, the tendon to there is ruptured, and there appears to  a lot of damage by the actual wrist area, where the wrist is. So basically we were hoping the screws were not involved but seeing as my hand is so stuffed they will have to remove the plate and screws, as this happened 8 years ago, it means that it is covered by a lot of bone etc...... The thumb is in a very dangerous position of having a rupture, well they all are and to be honest this has me shit scared, as the nerve damage with this type of surgery is very very high. What we thought was going to be a relatively simple surgery repairing one tendon has turned into many tendons/screws/plate needing fixed, or hopefully fixed and get to keep full movement in my hand.

I will know more hopefully tomorrow after talking to the hand therapist, so will find out how serious this is, and if what I am allowed to do...... I will find out if I can go to the gym or not, if not I might just do walks outside and try and get my fitness from that.

Today was Mothers Day, Steph came around for a bit, she moves on Friday to Auckland, I am so going to miss her, it is hitting me harder than what I thought it would....

Food wise, have not really made my decision fully, but am thinking more than likely it will be lower carb again soon. 

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Day 61 - 66 on WW....


What the, where the hell are these days going..... I have no idea.

Anyway onto whats been happening.... went to the GP today and was hoping to get the CT Scan Results back, well guess what they have gone missing, the results have not been returned for whatever reason ggggrrrrrr. So rung them and they have marked them as urgent so hopefully they will come through today or tomorrow. 

I have been feeling blah and frustrated with everything, I think it is just that my life is in limbo while waiting for this surgery. We cant plan a holiday cause we have no idea when surgery will be, I cant get into nails properly cause I am going to be out of action from anywhere 4 - 8 weeks, so dont want to take on new clients cause I cant guarantee regular service. 

Am feeling a bit sad as Steph moves up to Auckland in 10 days, I am going to miss her....

Last night Miss Chico hurt her leg, she started limping really bad on her back leg, this morning she has woken up being able to walk on it, though she is still cautious on it. Will see how it goes today, and if she is still like that later today or tomorrow or goes worse, we will take her to a vet. 

I am bored with WW surprise surprise lol - seriously though to many carbs are creeping back in, this could be part of the reason I am feeling so blah..... I am thinking of going lower carb again. I dont need to track to begin with, am still thinking about it, will make my decision in the next few days. 

And another day has nearly passed on by - the good news she managed to chase up my CT results and I am trying to understand them, but it looks like the screws are the cause of the tendon rupture, so that will mean a more complicated surgery :(. 

Anyway thats about it, catch you all soon :)

Friday, 3 May 2019

Day 56 - 60 on WW.......


Where this week has gone, I have no idea - Monday cant remember what I did lol, Tuesday and Wednesday David was home as we were both not well, Thursday he went back to work, I did clients and here we are today....

Well I suppose you are all wanting to know how weigh in went, well this week I lost 1.5 Kilos, lets hope next week is a loss as well, no matter how small, it would be nice to have 2 losses in a row again :)

Gym, well didn't go to the gym at all, this week, it was so cold and my arm/hand was so sore, and after last Fridays night pain, I just wanted to go easy, am not sure what I will do next week. 

Oh yeah Monday I went for my CT Scan, got an appointment with my GP next week and see the Tauranga surgeon on June 10th. Am not sure if I mentioned that I have decided to go with the Tauranga hand specialist/surgeon.

This weekend, not too sure, David is going to his sisters place as his brother in law is not doing very well, so just there to support her. He will go after work and stay there tonight and come home tomorrow night, also his brother is up from Wellington, so they can see each other again lol. 

3 weeks till Steph moves to Auckland :(. 

Well there you hav it, thats my week in a short post :).

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Day 54 & 55 on WW......


Ok, lets go back to Friday night, well more late afternoon - I had the most horrific pain I have experienced in years, in my hand where the ruptured tendon end is sitting, must have been by a nerve or something, for about 5 hours, every couple of minutes it would spasm and OMG it had me in tears and swearing, it would last anything from a minute to 5 minutes, then I would have a small break and it would happen again. I have not felt this type of pain since I got first diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). I have no idea what started it, it stopped about 5 hours later as quick as it started. It took so much out of me, and I hope to god it never happens again. 

Saturday morning I had a client, I was beginning to think I might have had to postpone, but like I said it had stopped as quick as it started. It happened a couple more times on Saturday but only lasted 1 or 2 spasms. I have no idea what caused this like I said, but am wondering if I am overdoing it.......

Today is Sunday and I was planning on the gym, but to be honest I just wasn't having it.... it is wet and miserable outside.

Steph my daughter stayed last night, she is heading off to Auckland in 4 weeks, she has had a stressful 6 months and really needs to have a fresh start, and the time for her to move is now, as everything has fallen into place. She will be living in her Dads house with her twin brother and another flatmate. Her Dad doesn't live there anymore, he has moved further up North. Its been nice having her live so close all these years and I am going to miss her, but she is only going to be about a 3 hour drive away. Like I said to her, if it doesn't work out, she has nothing really to lose, she can come back here anytime. 

Have my CT Scan tomorrow morning, then have my specialist appointment June 10th, still a long way away but time is going to so fast, it will be here before I know it. We have decided to stay with the Tauranga doctor, rather than the Hamilton one, just for the reasons Tauranga is less than an hour away, and he is a hand surgeon specialist.

So thats whats been happening with me over the last 48 hours or so.