Friday, 18 January 2019

What a start to the year.....

Bad News:

The bastard that ran into my car, has fallen off the earth, I have now done a police report, so hopefully, they can find him. So I am liable for the excess, oh yeah they are going to fix my car (thats good news), but why should I pay the excess and why should the insurance company lose out on the thousands. 

Went to the GP, have been referred to a hand surgeon in Tauranga, he is top notch as the surgery is complicated. I have heard many good things about him, he also saw my son many years ago, with his Perthes hip problem, but he now specialises in hand surgery. The screws and plate they put in my wrist 7 years ago (when I fell of my bike), well one of the screws has been rubbing against the tendons and made them weak, so when I did weights at the gym, it snapped. No wonder it was a little sore. So surgery is required, what it will involve we will know more in the next week or two, hopefully I will get a relatively quick appointment. The doctor starts back at work on Monday, so hope to hear something in the next week or two. 

Surgery will require a splint/cast for about 8 weeks and then rehab to get hopefully full motion back in the hand. 

Good News:

The car is getting repaired......

I have one of the best if not the best hand surgeon in New Zealand doing my surgery 

And thats all I can offer for now. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

They say things come in three's.....

Well in 16 days, two bad things have happened, still waiting on an update on the car........ was really hoping to hear today :(.

Second thing, went and got my ultrasound today and I dont have a cyst after all, (I wish I did as the alternative is worse), but I have a snapped tendon on my middle finger to the wrist area. What was suppose to a 5 to 10 minute ultrasound, ended up being over 30 minutes, as they discovered there was no cyst, but a snapped tendon. 

Tomorrow I go to the GP where a referral will be done to see the orthopaedics, though it looks like surgery is the only option, with a recovery time of 12 + weeks, including 6 - 8 weeks in a splint. Just when the nails are getting busy...

They think one of the screws (from my wrist surgery 7 years ago) was rubbing against the tendon, weakening it, and when I was at the gym 6 weeks ago and doing weights it snapped. It hurt like buggery and I have a good pain tolerance, but thought it would heal itself over time, but it kept getting worse. 

So far I am not enjoying 2019....

I feel pissed off right now.....

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Great start to the year.......

I wish......

Yesterday as I popped down to the supermarket, some guy went through a stop sign and smacked into the front side of my car (driver side wheel area), got my car towed and now it may be written off, as they think the suspension might be fucked and as it is a front wheel drive, the cost to repair may be greater that what it is worth. Wont really no anymore till mid next week. The driver gave me a number which isn't working, lucky I photographed his license, and his car rego. He was apparently driving his cousins car and he had a Fijian license, he gave me an addy of the owner of the car, so hopefully the insurance can find him. If the suspension isn't fucked, they are hoping that maybe they can get the wheel fixed so I can drive it, and book in the panel beating in a few weeks time, if that cant happen and they decide to repair it, it could be up to 4 weeks before I get it back, as a lot of panelbeaters are closed till Monday and with Christmas they have a bit of a back log, though mine will take priority as they do tow jobs first apparently, though there are a few cars in the same position as me. Who would think this bit of damage could make the car a write off....

This means no car for a while, means no gym either bugger it all, just when I was getting back into it. I can do some exercises at home..... but have been told to be careful with the cyst - or at least till after the ultrasound so we can see what it actually is, though it is more than likely a cyst, putting pressure on the nerve or tendons. 

Nails have been really busy, hope that continues now that I am house bound for a while, we have David's car but he also needs his for work.

Anyway will  update more in another post, am feeling a bit down......

Friday, 4 January 2019

Oh mannnnnnnn.....

Things have not quite gone to plan, my cyst is getting worse by the day, today we had an x-ray and we go for an ultrasound on the 16th Jan (next available appointment), until then not much I can do except keep it splinted to help with pain. We are probably going to drain it first and see if it stays away. It even gets painful using it to type - hence why no real posts, also not a lot has happened, have not been back to the gym yet, maybe next week, it is just so bloody hot. 

Weight: I am weighing every day, and though I am not being perfect food wise, the scales are slowly coming down, and for now I am happy about that :).

Am still doing nails, but keeping them to a minimum due to the cyst.

David goes back to work on Monday, Chris and his girlfriend have been here since Tuesday night and they go back to Auckland on Sunday. Steph has just spent about 10 days in Leigh with her dad and friends, so we were babysitting the bunny, he went home last night, so life is getting back to normal. 

I have not really left the house in 2 weeks, apart from the supermarket and doctors appointments. As I have just changed brands with nails, I have spending time doing new swatches and just rearranging the nail room a bit, changing things around. 

Tonight David and I are going to Cobb n Co for dinner, have not been there in ages, there food is so so, it seems to depend on the chef on the day, looking at feedback. 

We have been having 26 - 27 degrees the last week or so, it is just a tad warm, cant wait for winter lol. Actually it is quite nice sitting in the breeze on the deck in the shade, cooler than inside. We dont have air conditioning, though am seriously thinking about getting it, if we are probably going to be living here another 9 or 10 years.

Anyway thats it for now - catch you soon :)

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Near the end of 2018....

This year didn't end quite as I planned, for a few reasons, first off the elephant in the room, Weight - I am heavier than I was at the beginning of the year. The second thing, is my hand/wrist or whatever you want to call it, has not healed.... but we are a step closer to knowing what it is... there is a lump sitting on the tendons or nerves (yet to be confirmed), so every-time those nerves or tendons get used it causes a huge sharp pain, so what does this mean, for now I am splinting it, in the hopes the lump may disappear, which is highly unlikely and it looks like surgery is going to be the only option, but we need to hope it has not binded to the tendons or nerves, if that is the case the surgery wont be very nice. For now it s a wait and see, till the specialists etc are back on deck in the New Year. It is a minimum 6 week recovery time, I am glad that we know what it is, well we have a good idea, we just dont know the extent of it for now. I go back to the GP on Friday.

So where does this leave me, well I am grateful I have not gained all the weight back, but I can feel I have gained too much back, I can feel it in my back, in my clothes and just generally feel crappy. I am planning on getting back to the gym, but wont be doing many upper exercises I dont think cause of the wrist/hand, but I can do cardio and lower stuff...... 

Christmas was very quiet this year, the twins were in Auckland at their dads, David went to his sisters and I stayed home all by myself with the puppies. The weather was scheduled for heavy rain and thunder, and we dont like leaving Chico alone as she has seizures when stressed. Having said that I really enjoyed the time to myself. David has 2 weeks of work, well only 1 week left now......

Dont really have many plans over the next week, as I am still doing some nails, David has some more time off end of January, so might do some day trips then. 

So there you have it, I am sure I had more to say but cant remember off hand what it is.... so below is the goals for 2019.


I am starting back tomorrow, how I am going to go, I am not sure. Will be playing it by ear..... It may just be small bouts to begin with, till I can get some fitness back, and will also depend on how my hand holds out. I really want to be going back 5 days a week again by February at the latest.

We (David & I) are both starting back tomorrow doing lower carb, we both know it works well and we always feel better when we are on track. I am still going to be eating all veges and fruit though. Am not going to lie, its going to be a struggle getting back on track... but I have too, I hate how I feel after gaining some of the weight back. 

My goal for this is to lose 40 Kilo's by the end of 2019, this will happen by going to the gym and eating lower carb throughout the whole year. This works out to be about 770 grams a week. I am not sure if I am going to weigh weekly, monthly or daily, there are advantages and disadvantages to each. But I think weekly is prob my best option. I have not hopped on the scale in a while and am dreading the first weigh in, but I have to do it. Weigh in will be Monday's (if I do weekly), so first official weigh in will be tomorrow - scary shit, let me tell you :(. 

My goal for this is to be working minimum 30 hours a week, by the end of the 2019. I have just changed brands and my motivation has returned, which is nice. I plan to do minimum 4 courses this year to keep the motivation going, as well as pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. 

Sunday, 16 December 2018

I am not a failure........

Everything in my life has been out of control, and to be honest I don't give a fuck..... well thats a lie, I do actually give a fuck. Ok when I say everything, I mean one thing and that is the dreaded word that begins with 'F' - FOOD!!!!!
Well actually there are two things FOOD and EXERCISE. But you know what, that is soon going to change.....

I have one more week of busy nails and then I have the time to get back into a good healthy lifestyle. I am only doing the odd client between Christmas and the 8th January. So I am going to use that time to get back into some sort of healthy eating and exercise. I actually am just about over eating junk food and being lazy. So for now the plan is to start back at the gym on the 24th December, and I even plan to go Christmas Day. I was going to wait till the New year, but I am not doing anything exciting over the Christmas break, so figured starting a week earlier, will only do me good :). I am not sure how often I will weigh in, thinking weekly rather than monthly. Hell I  might even go for a small walk this week... as for my achilles, the pain is still there, but again I know I cant do any damage apparently it wont snap or anything, not even sure if it is achilles or again the chronic pain. 

Food wise, I want to get back to lower carb, but eat higher carb fruits and veges, its got to be a better option than junk food. The food I am eating currently I know is not doing the chronic pain any good either. 

Onto my nerve pain in my wrist/hand, that has not decreased at all...... so am not sure what the next step is for that. But for now, there is not a lot that can be done, I still hope it will just magically disappear. 


*  GYM: 5 days a week
*  WALKING: 1 - 2 days a week (Goal to be able to walk minimum 10K's each walk)

*  Lower Carb - but keeping in all fruit and higher carb veges (but keeping them to a minimum)


*  Be walking 10kms two - three times a week
*  Lose 35+ Kilos (77+ Lbs)
*  Go Surfing
*  Start Belly Dancing
*  Be working full time at nails
*  Be able to do a cross-fit class or something similar on a regular basis
*  Have a personal trainer 1 - 2 times a week. 

I am going to list these goals in the sidebar and add to them if I think of more, or cross them off when I achieve them :).

So thats it for now, you probably wont see me till Monday the 24th December...

I am not a failure, cause I am not giving up...

Hope you all have a great week and catch you in about a weeks time :). 

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Things are a little......

busy, yip things are a little busy - heaps of nails, so that means other things have taken a back seat, including the gym. To be honest I think it will be like this till after Christmas - I need to put nails first for these next 2 weeks, I also did nails this morning. 

Now onto better things, I think my hand/wrist is actually starting to improve, the last couple of days, I have only been getting the odd bout of shooting pain, so am being slightly optimistic. 

Cant believe that Christmas is only just over 2 weeks away, I know it is not just me, but man this year has sped by. I don't think I will be doing much, my sister is doing a lunch (I might go), the twins will be in Auckland, David is spending it with his family (I think), at this stage I don't really feel like doing much, so might even have just a nice day at home. I might go to my sisters or maybe with David, but in all honesty I am pretty busy with nails and by then might just want a day to recoup.

Today we finally have sun, yesterday we also had sun, before that we had days and days of rain and thunder and lightening.... suppose to be nice tomorrow as well, then rain again for all of next week.

I am not sure when I will update next, but am for the next 2 weeks going to set myself some goals for 2019, both work goals and personal goals :). Where I want to be at the end of 2019, including holiday goals, medication goals, weight goals, fitness goals.

At this stage we don't have a holiday planned for next year but am pretty sure we will go somewhere. Hoping the Gold Coast but who knows.

So if I don't come on here before Christmas, have a great Christmas everyone and will see you at the end of the year or early 2019. I am planning to end 2019 by achieving all my goals I have set at the beginning of the 2019 :)

Stay safe and keep smiling :).